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Thread: Update from Orlando Oz

  1. Update from Orlando Oz

    Hi Everyone:

    Just thought I touch base and let you know how I am doing. Both physically and mentally I feel wonderful

    My weight typically fluctuates between 112 lbs and 114 lbs. I have on occassion been up as high as 115 lbs (goal weight was 112 -116 lbs) however when that happens I am back to the diet for a day or two and it drops off until I am within the range I feel comfortable at. I have also occassionally dropped to 111 lbs.

    My health has been much improved by the weight loss and better eating habits. I have not reintroduced milk, creamers etc into my diet nor do I use sugar for tea/coffee. I have kept with the yoghurt and fruit for breakfast (most days) as I really enjoy it now. With everything else I watch my portions and eat the harmful things with care. I can tell now if I eat pasta or rice ... it will show. This does not mean I don't eat it... I just know I need to balance it.

    For me this has been more than dropping the weight it has been an education on how my body reacts to different foods; recognizing it and then adjusting accordingly.

    Now for the next stage in my health plan. I am now exercising regularly. I have begun walking/running 4 miles, 3 to 4 times a week. The running is not pretty... Yet I am waiting to see how this will influence my weight etc. Maybe someone can give some insight.

    General news... my girlfriend who went on the diet a month after I began has reached her goal weight and lost 94 lbs... . She began refeed this week.

    Upcoming months will be busy... have a son coming back from OZ for his summer break from uni, another son in the Navy who is getting married in January and deploying a week later, and a daughter who is in uni here full time. Us driving north for Thanks Giving and family coming down from the frozen tundra for Christmas, oh yes and family coming in from OZ early next year... then there is the usual work! Busy busy..

    Take care all...
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  2. Hi there

    You have done awesome at managing maintenance, so excellent to hear, how long have you been out of refeed?
    Good on you for starting the exercise, will help you tone those muscles (a little resistance work will also help with this), and the calorie burning and the toning will help your body cope with those little extras better and quicker, and you may not notice that rice or pasta so much, one thing to watch out for, as you get into exercise it may make you hungry, so may be worth keeping a healthy snack nearby, along with the H2O as we can ofter mistake thirst as hunger, and if you are anything like me I loose alot of H2O when exercising. Will be interested to see how it is for you, all the best.


    "COHEN FOR LIFE" December 2008

    "COHEN TO THE RESCUE - AGAIN" March 2012

  3. Thanks for the update, Margaret! It's so good hearing what it's like on the other side. I think you have managed to find your balance.

    "Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you." ~ Rumi

    Started February 27, 2009 - 230 lbs
    4 weeks - 23 lbs
    8 weeks - 13 lbs
    12 weeks - 8 lbs
    16 weeks - 12 lbs
    20 weeks - 8 lbs
    24 weeks - 10 lbs
    Appendectomy August 16 - 6 weeks off per Dr. Cohen - return to program September 25.
    28 weeks - 12 pounds
    32 weeks - 6 pounds
    December 23, 2009 - I've lost 100 pounds!

  4. Great to hear from you Margaret! Awesome to know that you are in charge now, not your food!

    Started 1PD on 6/Feb/09 at 174lb
    At 24th week 24/Jul/09 = 118lb, lost 8lb
    Started Refeed 17/Aug/09 at 114lb - Ended Refeed 3/Sept/09 at 114lb
    Total inches lost: 30"

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